Preferred Exporter - Any policy admin can export to Xero, but only the preferred exporter will see reports that are ready for export in their Inbox.

Reimbursable expenses export to Xero as bills awaiting payment with the following additional settings:

  • Bill date — either the report's submitted date, the report's exported date, or the date of the last expense on the report (set on the Export tab)
  • Bill status — either Draft, Awaiting Approval, or Awaiting Payment (set on the Advanced tab)
  • Reimbursement — you can also sync the report status between Expensify and Xero, whereby if you reimburse a report via ACH direct deposit in Expensify, the purchase bill will be marked as paid in Xero (and vice-versa). You'll also want to select an account in Xero to post that bill payment (set on the Advanced tab)

Non-reimbursable expenses (such as company card transactions) export to Xero as bank transactions with one transaction per line-item (expense) created in the bank account of your choice.

If you have multiple corporate cards, you can assign each card to its corresponding account in Xero via the Company Cards page under Domain Control.

Export from Expensify to Xero

  • Navigate to the Reports page and select the reports you wish to export
  • Click Export to > Xero. It is important to note that only the admin that is connected to Xero in Expensify will be able to export expense reports from Expensify to Xero.
  • Exported reports will be marked in Expensify with a small Xero icon:
  • A link to the expense in Xero will be posted as a report comment on the bottom of the report:
  • A link to the report in Expensify will be added to the purchase bill or bank transaction in Xero via the Go to Expensify button

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