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Getting Started

We have a few different ways for how receipts can be uploaded to Expensify. By far the easiest, is SmartScan with your iPhone or Android device. Snap a picture, and forget about it! 

However you can also forward receipts directly into Expensify to for SmartScanning - this is great for email receipts you receive from airlines and electronic receipts.

The final way is to directly upload receipts through the Expenses page or by dragging and dropping the receipt file into Expensify.

Let SmartScan do the work for you!

Nobody likes typing or waiting for scans to finish; just snap it and forget it! It'll be auto-reported upon completion and auto-submitted that same night if your policy has Scheduled Submit enabled. Just scan your receipts immediately after making the purchase, and let us take care of them for you! 

Read more about SmartScan if you fancy.

SmartScan with your Android or iOs Device

To take a SmartScan photo with your mobile app, tap the green camera button, point and shoot! 

You can manually enter a transaction, create a time, distance, or per diem expense by tapping the + at the top right of the Expenses page and selecting the desired option. Please note, the available expense formats are dependent on the formats enabled in your policy settings. 

Email Receipts to Expensify

All receipts that are in your email, such as airline, rental car or hotel confirmations etc. can be forwarded to From here, they will be SmartScanned and an expense will be created for you!

Emailing in receipts is also good for when you have many receipts that need to be uploaded to your account. Just add all of the receipts as email attachments and send them off to us.

All of the receipt images will be processed and added to your account via SmartScan. Make sure to send the receipts from the email address that is listed on your Expensify account. 

  • Want to send receipts in from a different email address? You'll want to add that email as a secondary login to your account.
  • If you are sending in a receipt on behalf of someone you are a Copilot for, simply put their email address in the subject of the email so that we know to apply it to that person's account.
  • Find your trips in the Trip section of your mobile app!

Accepted Files

These are the specific types of files you can send:

  • Picture attachments - Send in pictures of receipts as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or PDF and we’ll add them to your list of unattached receipts
  • Text/HTML email - Send in text email, TXT or HTML receipts (such as airline e-ticket itineraries or rental car contracts) and we’ll convert them into images that work just like all other receipts.
  • Documents - Send in Microsoft Word, RTF, or PDF documents to convert them to receipt images.

Direct Upload 

To directly upload a receipt from your computer, click "New Expense" on the Expenses page. Then select "Expense" > "Receipt" > choose the file you would like to upload.

You can also drag and drop the receipt file into your account.


Expensify Guaranteed eReceipts (U.S only) can be imported directly from your bank account — this means you can ignore paper receipts entirely, no typing and no SmartScanning required. 

These are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases of $75 or less. eReceipts are only provided for automatically imported transactions that are in US Dollars. Also, we can’t provide an eReceipt for purchases on lodging, for example at hotels and motels.

eReceipts are a policy feature (not available on the free version of the software) and admins can choose to turn these on or off for policy members by going to Admin >[Policy Name] > Expenses

Note: Many banks do not provide complete or accurate category information, so we might at times mis-identify merchants and erroneously generate an invalid eReceipt for hotel purchases. Similarly, you are free to re-categorize expenses, possibly causing us to generate an invalid eReceipt for a purchase made at a hotel. In either case, our Expensify eReceipt Guarantee does not cover purchases of lodging at hotels and motels.

Expensify eReceipts meet the requirements for IRS Documentation as per
Publication 463.

The receipt is in, what's next?

Your receipt has been added to Expensify and entered as an expense either by SmartScan or manually. The next step is to add this expense to a report and submit it to your manager, if Scheduled Submit is not already taking care of this for you!

Deleting or Undeleting a receipt

Keep in mind that deleting a receipt will not permanently delete it from your account, and it will exist in the "deleted receipts" folder. To locate deleted receipts,

  1. Navigate to the Expenses page
  2. Click "Show Filters"
  3. Filter for "Deleted" expenses

To undelete, select the checkbox next to your receipt and click "Undelete" at the top of the page. This will bring it back to your Unreported Expenses on your Expenses page.

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