There are a few ways that a user can have duplicate expenses in their account. By far the most common scenario is for a user to accidentally SmartScan the same receipt more than once. Because there is no way to know for sure whether the expenses are truly duplicates, Expensify will flag any receipt that seems as though it might be a duplicate. This happens based on the date, currency, and amount of the expenses, unless:

  • The matching expenses were split from a single expense 
  • All matching expenses were imported from a credit card
  • Matching email receipts sent to were received with different time-stamps.

Users will have the ability to resolve these duplicates by either deleting the duplicated transactions, merging them, or ignoring them (if they are legitimately separate expenses of the same date and amount). 

From the user perspective:

A violation will be shown once a potential duplicate hits a report:

 The user then has the ability to click into the red exclamation point to open the expense and resolve:

Once the user is ready to resolve the duplicates, they will have the ability to either trash the duplicate, merge them by selecting the appropriate fields from both expenses, or ignore if they are not duplicates:

If the user chooses to merge the expenses, they will be able to select which specific fields they want assigned to the finalized expense:

On the mobile app, potential duplicates will appear in red on a report:

Click into a violating expense to Ignore or Merge Expenses on the app.

If you'd like to remove the expense from the report instead, click Back and then swipe left to remove the expense. This will return the expense to the expenses screen, but remove it from the report.

From the approver perspective:

A "potential duplicated expense" violation will appear similar to the violation the user received:

The approver will have the same ability to click into the red exclamation point to resolve the potential duplicate:

Or the approver can use guided review to audit any potential duplicates:

Once the approver has resolved all potential duplicates, they can safely approve violation free!

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why does Concierge keep deleting my receipts? They aren't duplicates!
If two expenses are SmartScanned via the app on the same day for the same amount, I will flag a duplicate unless the expenses were split from a single expense, the expenses were imported from a credit card, or matching email receipts sent to were received with different timestamps. As a side note, keep in mind that scanning the receipt again will trigger the same duplicate flagging.

In the event that you need to recover this receipt, you have the ability to undelete it. To do this, follow the flow below:

  1. Log into your web account and navigate to the Expenses page
  2. Use the filters to search for deleted expenses by selecting the "Deleted" filter
  3. Select the checkbox next to the expenses you want to restore
  4. Click "Undelete" at the top of the page

Will Duplicate Detection flag the same receipt, even if I accidentally SmartScan it a year later?
Duplicate Detection will look at all expenses in a single user’s Expensify account.

For example, if Jane added a 'Starbucks' receipt last April for $3.50 and it was Approved in May, when they accidentally upload it again in October to a new Open report, it will be flagged as a possible duplicate for both Jane and their approver.

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