Important: If your company invited you to Expensify, skip step 1 and wait for your invitation email. It's important that you click the validation link sent to your work email before starting. Didn't receive an email? Ask your Expensify admin to invite you before moving forward. 

Starting from scratch with Expensify? Follow the directions below!

Step 1: Concierge will help you get set up! If you are an individual using Expensify:

  • Submit Receipts: This will guide through setting up a Team policy configured to automatically submit your expenses to the person you specify. 
  • Collect Receipts: If you're setting up your company, head to Day 1 with Expensify (Admins/Accountants). The "Collect" option likely isn't for you as an individual submitter!
  • Track Personal Expenses: You'll be able to start using your account for tracking your personal receipts. This free version will allow you 10 free SmartScans per month, and you can always upgrade!

Step 2: Download our mobile app

Expensify is available on iOS, and Android devices. We always appreciate positive reviews!

Step 3: Learn about SmartScan and They are your friends!

The ideal way to use Expensify is to SmartScan your paper receipts at the time of purchase. Have email receipts instead? Just forward those to

In both cases, SmartScan will automatically extract your expense details. SmartScan will even attach your receipts to imported credit card transactions! So toss those paper receipts, burn them, or - and we don't recommend this - eat them. Just don't you dare put that paper receipt back in your pocket. We'll take it from here.

Step 4: Submit your report! 

Or better yet, let Scheduled Submit create your report and Concierge will submit it on your behalf.

Step 5: Remember the Inbox!

When you log in, this is where Concierge will show you your "to-do" list for any expenses being blocked for submission, as well as other tasks that should be completed. Check out our Inbox article to learn more

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