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How do applicants/candidates start using Expensify? 

Expensify isn't just for employees. You can create a separate Expensify policy and invite job applicants to easily track their out of pocket expenses. This guide shows what applicants will see after you invite them to Expensify.

Once an admin invites the applicant to their policy, they can simply follow the steps below to get started!

  • Applicant receives an Expensify invite email to the applicant/candidate policy:
  • Applicant clicks "Accept Invite", and is prompted to set an Expensify password:
  • Applicant is then prompted to download the Expensify mobile app:
  • Applicant opens the Expensify app and inputs their email address and password to login:
  • If you'd like to reimburse applicants directly through Expensify and you have already set up a Withdrawal Bank Account, the applicant will be prompted to add a Deposit Bank Account right after logging in:
  • Applicant selects their respective bank account:
  • For example, the candidate selects Wells Fargo and logs in accordingly:
  • Applicant saves the account and is routed to their Inbox:

Once the above steps are completed by the applicant, they are ready to submit their expenses by using the SmartScan and submitting their report

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