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What is a secondary login?

A secondary email address allows you to log into your account and also forward receipts to from either email. This will need to be done from the web, and you will not be able to add a secondary email using the mobile app.

If you merge your two existing Expensify accounts, the account that you merge into the first will become the primary login. The account that was merged will become the secondary login, though you make either the primary login.

Adding a secondary login

Note that you can't edit an existing email address, so in order to change your account's email address you will will need to add a secondary email and set it as your primary login email.

  1. On the website, click Settings > Your Account
  2. Scroll down to the Secondary Logins section
  3. Click Add Secondary Login

4. Expensify will send an email to the address that you input. 

5. In that email, click Confirm Email to validate that address and confirm this as a secondary login. 

6. Once you've done this, you will be able to log in to Expensify with either/any email address listed here!

7.  After you've created a secondary login, you also have the ability to make that secondary login your primary login (note: your company may restrict this option). To make that change, simply click Make Primary. You can then remove the old email address if you'd like.

Important note: Secondary logins can only be added if the email address is not already linked to an existing Expensify account. If the account already exists, you must merge accounts or disconnect the email from the other account, below.

If you are a member of a company that has Domain Control enabled, you can add your personal email as a secondary login. That will allow you to forward receipts from a personal email address into

Disconnecting a secondary login from an old account

If you have a email address added as a Secondary Login to an old account, you can disconnect it from your old account by:

  1. Navigating to 
  2. Attempt to sign up for a new account using your secondary email
  3. You'll see a note appear, which reads "This email is already registered as a secondary login for another account. To unlink the two accounts, click here to send a confirmation email to your secondary email."
  4. Click "here"
  5. Check your email inbox for an email from Expensify and confirm that you would like to disconnect your email from the old account

Merging Two Accounts

To merge two accounts, please head to as this won't be an action you can take on the mobile app.

  • Once you've logged in go to Settings > Your Account
  • Scroll to the Merge Accounts section and fill in the fields

This will merge the two accounts into one. All of the reports, imported cards, secondary logins and most settings will be brought into your new account. Be careful because merging accounts is not reversible!

Important Notes:

  • For policy admins: Emails are tied to expense policies, and because of this, the policy workflow in Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People may be affected; for instance, if you are merging with an admin account. Please check the workflow of your expense policies after the merge to make sure the correct email is listed!
  • Emails that are under two different domains cannot be merged together while domain control is active on both domains. Example: Domain Control is active for and Joe works for both companies and wants to merge his accounts. He cannot merge until the domain control of or is removed. Once that is done, he can merge the non-domain control account into the other account successfully.
  • Email addresses under the same domain with domain control active can be merged after one Expensify account is made for each email address. Please reach out to your domain admin to make sure they invite both email addresses to the domain control members.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Do I need to add a secondary login or do I need to merge my accounts? What's the difference?

Secondary logins can only be added if the email address is not an existing Expensify account. If the account already exists, you must merge accounts, below. If you are trying to add a secondary login that already has an account existing in Expensify, you will see the message below.

"Emails with existing accounts cannot be secondary logins"

I'm trying to add a secondary login, but I'm not receiving the invitation to my email! Why?

Sometimes it can take just a short bit to come to your email inbox. If you feel you've waited awhile, you can reference our help article that addresses trouble receiving our emails.

My personal email is a secondary email to a company account I no longer work for. How do I unlink it so I can continue using Expensify?

Follow the steps above to unlink this secondary email from your old account.

I can't add a secondary email because I get a message about restricted account creation. What does that mean?

If you see the below error message, it means that your company admin has "domain control" enabled for that email address's company domain. You will need to reach out to your company's Expensify admin in this case.

"Wait! Not so fast..."

I can't merge my accounts because I get a message about "domain managed emails". What does that mean?

This message shows when trying to merge accounts where both are under Domain Control. A Domain Admin will need to delete domain control for one of the domains. Ideally, the one which will not pertain to the Primary Login of each user on the domain.

"Cannot merge domain managed emails"

We've changed domains! I'm a Domain Admin and I want to switch all of my users accounts from one domain to another. Can I do that, or do we need to have each user do this manually?

You can reach out to us for help with this thankfully! However, note, we can only help facilitate this if:

If this is the case, reach out and confirm the above is true. We'll confirm back and get the process going!

If any of the above four things are not true, you'll need to rectify so that they are for some help here. Otherwise, as a Domain Admin of the new Domain you can:

  1. Delete Domain Control for the previous domain by selecting the red trash can from Settings > Domain Control
  2. Create new separate accounts for each user on the new domain
  3. Have each validate their new account and create a password
  4. Once logged in as "user@newdomain", have them navigate to Settings > Your Account and follow the instructions above for merging with "".

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