Please note: this feature if only available if it has been enabled by your company. Please speak to your administrator to find out more!

If you are an admin and need to set up a reimbursement (withdrawal) account to pay employees please click here

Add a Deposit Account

For US accounts, please click here

Important Notes:

  • Deposit accounts do not need a validation process, but withdrawal accounts do.
  • Employee accounts should be added to their own Account Settings > Reimbursement section and not in the admin's reimbursement section.

Please note: If you don’t see the option to add a direct deposit account in Account Settings > Reimbursement, then you are not a current member of your company’s expense policy OR you have not successfully upgraded to the Team or Corporate policy.

Step 1: Click 'Add Deposit Account'

Step 2: Choose Australia from the Country drop down, followed by Save & Continue

Step 3: Enter your bank account details before clicking Save & Continue

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