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Expensify makes reimbursing expense reports quick and easy. Companies can reimburse expense reports within Expensify with ACH Direct Deposit.
This is only available to companies on the Team and Corporate policies. 

  • Expensify cannot process reimbursement for any single report over $20,000.
  • Company administrators won’t be able to reimburse expense reports via ACH unless the employee has added a deposit account, and the company has added and validated a withdrawal account.

For information on reimbursement timing in the US via ACH, please click here

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Adding a Withdrawal Account for Employee Reimbursement

Setting up a withdrawal bank account will allow you to pay back employee expenses from the same bank account from which all other company expenses are withdrawn. 

We also offer Rapid Reimbursement by default to all customers! Rapid Reimbursement reduces the processing time from 4-5 business days to just one business day. The default limits on Rapid Reimbursement are $100 per-deposit account per-day and $10,000 per-withdrawal account per-day.

If you've reached either of these limits, then no problem! We will automatically defer to the typical ACH speed (4-5 business days).

Step 1: Click 'Add Withdrawal Account'

Step 2: Choose your bank account provider

  • Note: If your bank is not listed, click on an 'Other' option. Enter your account and routing number to continue, then skip to step 5.

Step 3: Enter your bank login credentials

  • Note: If your bank requires additional security measures, you will be directed to obtain and enter a security code.
  • If you have more than one account available to choose from, you will be directed to choose the desired account.

Step 4: Enter your company information

Step 5: Enter your information

Step 6: Complete the ACH Contract

Step 7: You are all done. The account you setup will be in your Account Settings > Reimbursement section in either "Verifying" or "Pending" status.

If it is "Verifying," then our risk team will reach out for more information.

Step 8: If it is "Pending," then in 1-2 business days Expensify will administer three test transactions to your withdrawal account. Once these transactions - two deposits and one withdrawal - have posted to your account, click the “Validate” button next to the pending account. You will be prompted to enter the transaction amounts.

Step 9: You're done! A withdrawal account that is successful should appear like this:

Why ask for requesting user's personal ID documents?

There's always someone ruining it for everyone else.

Criminals have long used electronic money transmission channels to conceal the source of fraudulently-obtained or stolen funds in order to fund illegal activities. As a result of this, the OCC and Federal Government requires all entities facilitating the movement of money (that'd be us) to comply with Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering (BSA / AML) laws.

These laws require us to know the identity of the person that is initiating the movement of money (that'd be you), irrespective of whether that money is coming from a company or personal account. Thank you for helping us keep your account safe!


What is a 3-way validation bank call and why is it necessary? 

Why we insist on this step:

Reimbursement through Expensify comes at no extra cost and we are committed to keeping it that way. In order to do this we have to be very sharp when it comes to protecting ourselves against fraud. In today’s environment of bank account takeovers and kiting related fraud, that’s easier said than done. Short of charging for each transaction thereby creating a reserve for ourselves for potential losses, this step is necessary.

What are we validating in this step:

The goal of this step is to make sure the bank account given to us is indeed a business bank account and belongs to the company. We try to automate this using not one but two separate validation platforms. Even so, we are forced to resort to manual validation via phone call some of the time.  

On the call we validate one simple thing: Does the bank account supplied belong to the company or not.

How do I set this up most efficiently

The call with the bank can proceed in 2 ways:

  1. Preferred: You can refer us to your specific bank representative. If you give them the context for the call and authorize them to speak with us ahead of time, we may not even need you on the call. If you decide to do this, you can send your banker the link to our calendar below.
  2. Alternatively: If above isn't available to you, we can call your bank’s general support line, no problem, but you need to be on the line with us since your bank will need to authenticate you first and will need your permission to speak with us. You know your bank’s wait times best, so please block off time accordingly

When you are ready to schedule a call, please pick the best available time here: Expensify Fraud Prevention Team Calendar. When you click on our calendar, you will be able to provide all the details needed for the call. 


Who can reimburse employees? 

Only the policy admin who has added the withdrawal bank account to their Expensify account will be able to reimburse employees. No other policy admins or users will be able to reimburse employees from that bank account, unless permission has been granted.

How can I share the reimbursement account?

This person must first be a policy administrator. 

Log in to the Reimbursement section in Account Settings, then click 'Share' next to the account you want to share, and select the policy admin to share with. We will process this share request and the account will normally be available to reimburse reports within 1-2 business days. 


Cancel Direct Deposit Reimbursement

Reimbursed a report by mistake? No worries! Any policy admin with access to the same withdrawal account can now cancel the reimbursement from within the report, up to the point at which it is withdrawn from the payment account.

PayPal Reimbursement

You may also choose to reimburse employees via Paypal if both you and the employee have PayPal accounts.

Please note that withdraw accounts must be verified PayPal accounts, in that they must have a bank account attached to them. There is usually a $0.50 fee charged by PayPal for reimbursing reports, but this has been waived as a part of our special promotion.

Go to Account Settings > Reimbursement, scroll to PayPal Reimbursement Accountsand click the “link” button next to the Withdraw account box. This will take you to an intermediate page letting you know PayPal will be used to link your account and walk you through the steps to complete setup.

Paying Externally? Manually mark reports as reimbursed!

For those companies that reimburse expense reports outside of Expensify, marking reports as reimbursed lets employees know that payment is on the way!

Locked withdrawal accounts

When you reimburse a report, you authorize Expensify to withdraw the funds from your account. However, if your bank rejects Expensify’s withdrawal request, your withdrawal account will be locked until you resolve the issue.

Unlocking your withdrawal account

Step 1: Determine the reason for the rejected request

Withdrawal requests can be rejected due to insufficient funds, or if the withdrawal account has not been enabled for direct debit.

Step 2: Contact your bank to take the required steps to resolve the issue

  • Note: If you need to enable direct debits from your withdrawal account, your bank will require Expensify’s CompanyID (1270239450) in order to allow future debits from the account. 

Step 3: Submit a request to help@expensify.com

Once you’ve resolved the issue, please email help@expensify.com with:

  • The subject line as “unlocking withdrawal account”
  • The email including the last four digits of the locked account, and the reason for the rejected request (i.e., insufficient funds, account not enabled for direct debits)

Once we receive your email, we will follow up and unlock your account.


Change or Update Bank Account Name

Has your account name changed, but the account number and routing number stayed the same? Now you can update your bank account name by simply clicking on the current name, or hovering over it and clicking the blue pencil icon. Change the name as needed and hit Enter to save the change. These changes only affect the name displayed within Expensify and not on your bank site.

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