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Removing a policy member

  1. Important: Make sure the employee has submitted all open reports and the reports have been approved, reimbursed, etc. as needed.
  2. Select Admin > [Policy Name] > People.
  3. Select the person you'd like to remove and click the Remove button at the top of the People table.

If this person was an approver, you'll want to make sure that reports are not routing to them any longer in the workflow. Make sure to adjust for these.

All reports from this person on this policy will still be available and searchable, so you will not lose any data. Open reports will be the only reports that will be taken off the policy and removed from the admin's view. The employee will also still have view of all reports in their account, but the policy will simply appear as "(not shared)" for the reports that existed on the policy.

If you have a corporate policy and have Domain Control enabled, you are able to delete employees' accounts entirely. This link will will provide more detail on permanently removing members of your domain.

Common error messages when removing users

Preferred Exporter - If you are receiving an error about an employee being an "exporter" that means they are set as a preferred exporter within the configurations of your accounting integration. You can change this from Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections > Configure and select a policy admin in the dropdown for Preferred Exporter.

Billing Owner - If the user you are removing is currently the billing owner, you will first need to transfer billing ownership before removing them from the policy. 

Processing reports - If the user you want to remove has reports in the Processing state, the reports will need to be either approved or rejected before the user can be removed from your policy.

Approval Workflow - If the user you're looking to remove is set as the designated approver for your policy, you will need to replace them with a new approver before deleting the user. The approver can be changed under Admin > [Policy Name] > People > Approval Mode > change the "Submit reports to" field.  More on updating this type of approval flow can be found here!

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