Adding employees is easy to do at any time! Note that you will need to be a policy admin in order to add/remove users from a policy. 

This page covers how to manage your users in Expensify:

Inviting users with your shareable policy joining link

As an admin, you can quickly invite colleagues to join you on an Expensify policy by sharing your unique Policy Joining Link. The same Policy Joining Link can be shared with any employee, allowing you to invite multiple users via an internal email list, chat, text, and more! 

In case you need, you can easily access your link by navigating to Admin > [Select Policy] > People.

Allowing users to automatically join your policy

By enabling Employee Policy Joining, you allow teammates to automatically join your policy as soon as they create an Expensify account with their work email. How does this work? If a colleague signs up with a work email (i.e., and it matches the email domain of a policy owner (i.e., then they will be able to automatically join your policy without needing a manual invite. When new users join a policy, they will be configured to submit their expense reports to the policy owner by default.

This feature can be enabled by navigating to Admin > [Policy Name] > People.

Alternatively, you can disable this feature and employees will only be able to request access to your policy if they are not invited already. These invites will then show in your Inbox for speedy acceptance. 

Inviting users manually

  1. Select Admin > [Policy Name] > People.
  2. Click Invite
  3. Enter the person's email address in that field. Indicate whether or not you want them to be an Employee, Admin, or Auditor (User Roles will explain the differences) on the policy. Designate who they will submit their expense reports to, as well as (if they are an approver) who they will send approved reports to next in the approval process (leave blank if they are a final approver.) Also, enter any custom message you'd like them to receive in their invitation email. Note: Approval Workflows are addressed here for help setting them up!

4. Click Invite again from that window, and you're all set! 

5. Have your employee check their email in order to get started and set up their account.

Inviting bulk users to a policy

You can also use the CSV bulk upload option to invite users to a policy, which is very useful when you are setting up for the first time or need to update users in bulk! Simply click "Import from Spreadsheet" to upload a .csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx file.

Here is an example file that can be uploaded to update your People table:

Re-sending an Invitation

If the invitee doesn't receive the invitation, the first place to check here will be spam or trash filters. Did our invitation email or validation link accidentally slip into one of these folders in this user's inbox?

If there is definitely no email:

  1. If the user is being set up for the first time and they have not yet validated their account, please reach out to us at with their email address so we can manually send a new validation link. (You may also need to check with your company to make sure Expensify emails are not being blocked, in case they miss anything in the future!) As the user, you can also reach out if your validation link has expired. 
  2. If this person already has an Expensify account, then they should instantly be a part of the policy. Have them log in and check to see if the new policy is listed under their settings icon. If so, they're all set! Just make sure they are reporting on this correct policy. The default can be selected by clicking to place a check mark next to that policy. 

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