Expensify now offers a direct integration with TRAVO. Simply enable the integration for your travellers, and receipts from travel bookings will be automatically imported into Expensify for easy reporting.

Enabling the Integration

There are currently two ways to set up the integration with Expensify:

Integrating through Profiles

  1. Integrate through your profiles page by clicking Profiles at the top of any screen.
  2. Select the traveler for whom you would like to add an Expensify email.
  3. Scroll down to the Integrations section.
  4. Click Enable Integration and enter the traveler’s Expensify email address.

Integrating through Checkout

  1. Once you’ve finished planning your trip, click Checkout in the left hand sidebar.
  2. Next to each traveler listed in Passenger Details, you will see the option to add an Expensify email. Click on "Click to add email.”
  3. Enter the traveler’s Expensify email address.

Keep in mind that once a traveler is integrated with Expensify, the connection will be saved for all future bookings. Additionally, you can choose which bookings to send to Expensify by selecting the appropriate checkboxes on checkout.

If Expensify automation features such as Scheduled Submit are in effect for your company policy, booking a trip through TRAVO and adding the expense to your newest report is now a one-click experience!

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