This message comes straight from NetSuite and means the company made Departments/Classes/Locations mandatory in Accounting Preferences.

When exporting as a Vendor Bill, we pull the vendor rather than the employee so the employee defaults don't apply. You would either need to make sure these are unchecked in your accounting preferences or choose to import these as tags or report fields.

To resolve you have two choices:

  1.  Uncheck the box that represents Department/Classification/Location
  2. Make sure that you have tagged expenses for the report accordingly (Department/Classification/Location)

To uncheck this in NetSuite: 

Type "accounting preferences" in the Global Search Box > Classifications

Alternatively, if you are encountering this error when exporting to a Journal Entry, this could be because the submitter of the report does not have an employee default set for Departments/Classes/Locations.

To resolve, please give the employee a default Department/Class/Location by going to Lists > Employees > click "Edit" next to the employee entry for the report submitter. Scroll down to the Classification section and select a default Department/Class/Location for your employee. Click Save, and sync your NetSuite connection in Expensify.

Everything Else

This includes Memo and Receipt, as well as Department, Class and Location, and could offer another solution if the above steps are not resolving the issue for those fields.

If the report exported that is generating the error is being exported as an expense report...

  1. Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms > search for "Expense Report" and click "Edit" [or Customize] on the form that has the "Preferred Checkbox" checked.
  2. Go to Screen Fields > Main > make sure the field listed in the error under the Description column has the "Mandatory" checkbox unchecked.

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