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Create a FreshBooks Connection

In order to connect to FreshBooks you will need to be on the Team or Corporate plan

Before starting, you will need to retrieve your FreshBooks API Token:

  1. Sign in to your FreshBooks account.
  2. Click My Account in the upper right.
  3. Click FreshBooks API on the right.
  4. If not already checked, click Enable API.
  5. Make note of the API URL and the Authentication Token

Once you have retrieved your FreshBooks API Token, return to Expensify:

1. Go to Personal Settings  > Connections, or to the Admin > [select policy] > Connections section of an expense policy.

2. Click Connect a FreshBooks company.

3. Enter your Company Name. This is the word between “https://” and “” in the API URL.

4. Paste your FreshBooks API Authentication Token.

5. Click “Connect to Company” to start the connection.

Your company is now connected and any approved reports can be exported directly to FreshBooks.

Your Categories from FreshBooks will now be pulled into Expensify. In order to enable these Categories go to Settings  > ‘Categories and Tags’ or to the Categories section of your policy (admin > [select policy] > categories) and enable those Categories that you would like members of this policy to use. 

Export Expenses as FreshBooks Invoices

Reports will not be automatically sent to FreshBooks, you will need to choose which reports to export from Expensify. Any individual report can be moved to FreshBooks either as an invoice to a specific client or as individual expenses, ready to be assigned between multiple invoices. Only approved reports can be exported to FreshBooks.

1. Open any approved report and click the Export to… button to select FreshBooks.

2. Choose whether to export the report as individual expenses or as an invoice to a specific client. If you choose to export as an invoice, make sure to select which client to make the invoice for.

3. Click the Export to FreshBooks button to finish the export.

From here, we’ll do all the hard work to move your expenses over to FreshBooks. In Expensify, the reports that have been successfully exported will display a small Freshbooks icon to the right of the report on the Reports tab. 

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