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Salesforce + FinancialForce PSA Integration

Integration with Salesforce + FinancialForce PSA is available on the Corporate policy. This integration will allow you to:

  • Centrally manage users
  • Tag expenses with Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities
  • Tag expenses with FinancialForce Projects and Milestones
  • Submit expense reports directly to FinancialForce PSA

Connect Expensify and Salesforce

Note: This integration is only available to those on the Professional edition of Salesforce or higher. This is because the Contact Manager and Group editions of Salesforce do not allow API access to other programs.

Visit the Expensify Salesforce application page in AppExchange and click Get It Now. You may need to contact your Salesforce administrator in order to be able to do this.

Choose Install in Production and follow the installation steps.

Once installed, add the Expenses tab to your Salesforce application.

Once it has been added, open the Expenses tab and go to Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections and click “Connect to Salesforce”. Once you have connected to Salesforce, you will also see the option to have reports submitted to FinancialForce PSA.  

Once connected, click sync. You will have the option to sync both users and tags. Whenever you need to update your SalesForce/FinancialForce connection, simply navigate to this page and click ‘Sync’ again.

Your users from Salesforce/FinancialForce will now be added to your policy in Expensify and will be able to use the integration.

Using the Salesforce + FinancialForce PSA Integration

Step 1: Tag Expenses

If tags are synced, all Accounts, Opportunities, Projects, and Milestones will be pulled into Expensify from Salesforce/FinancialForce and available for users as tags.

Step 2: Submit to FinancialForce PSA

Our submit to FinancialForce PSA feature works just like submitting any other report in Expensify. Just click submit and you’re done!

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