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Companies on the Team and Corporate policies can integrate with This integration allows employee expense reports to be submitted directly to

Create the Connection

Go to the Connections section of your policy settings (Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections) and choose Connect to Enter your company’s email address and click Sync.

All employee expense reports on this policy will now be submitted to this email address.

Submit Reports

When employees click submit, they will see the email address listed. This field is non-editable.

Once the report is submitted, a PDF copy will be placed in the company account. The report will then be put in the closed state in Expensify and the report will be marked as exported to, shown by the icon to the right of the report.

(Alternative) Submit to as part of your Approval Workflow

If you’d still like to approve your employees’ reports in Expensify before sharing with, we have you covered! 

In this case, you will not enable the connection in the policy settings. Instead, once you have approved a report, just click the sharing options icon and enter your email address.

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