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Unable to See Expense Details in PSA

To see the expense details in FinancialForce, just adjust your page layout to include Expensify Fields within your Expense Report or Payable Invoice. 

You will also want to do this on the expense detail page. To access this, click on the expense line item in the report or invoice.

Please Update Your Expensify Bundle

When receiving this error, you will need to update your Expensify bundle to include the new custom fields required for export. 

Update the Expensify bundle in SalesForce by clicking this link: Expensify Bundle.

Why Can't I Export Without a Tag Selected?

FinancialForce PSA/SRP requires a project be applied to each expense in order to create an expense report. Without the project tag, the export cannot be completed. 

Where Can I Find My Expenses?

Reports will export to FinancialForce PSA/SRP based upon the settings you have configured in the Connections area of the policy settings. This can be found by following Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections > Configure > Export page. 

You can learn more about how to configure this connection here.

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