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The Company Card Administration Overview section is the first required reading to get you up-to-speed on company card support. 

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Here are some highlights to remember as you educate yourself on company card management:

  • Company cards must be assigned in Domain Control. Importing a card in Account Settings is incorrect and only used for personal cards (reimbursable expenses).
  • A client's domain must be validated to activate the company card module.
  • A user must be invited to a policy before a card is assigned to them in Domain Control.
  • Being a Domain Admin (which is different from a Policy Admin) gives you access to the reconciliation dashboard. 
  • As an admin you have full visibility into all reports, in real-time. This mean you can see reports that have yet to be submitted. When in an open or processing report, click "take control" and you can begin editing expenses in the report, submitting, and approving the report.

Interactive Training

Register for our live company card administration and reconciliation webinar to see the features in action.

Company Card Management Training Video

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