Expensify is the perfect tool to manage and reconcile your clients' company cards. It lets you:

  • Import and assign company cards in one place, Domain Control.
  • View all cardholder transactions in realtime, across submitted and unsubmitted expense reports. 
  • Automatically populate expenses directly to the cardholder’s Expensify account, where they'll add receipts and code expenses before submitting the report for approval and export (note: SmartScanned receipts will automatically merge with imported card expenses)
  • Confirm statement amounts, see which users have outstanding expenses, and ensure all expenses are processed to your accounting system in a timely manner using the built-in Reconciliation Dashboard 
  • "Take control" of expense reports to edit cardholder expenses, then submit and approve reports on the cardholder's behalf.
  • (For those with corporate or commercial card accounts) access a daily transaction feed of expenses sent to Expensify from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (note: If your card program is not eligible for a commercial card feed, then you may be able to use one of our direct bank connections)

Important notes

  • Company card functionality is only available in Expensify as part of the Control plan. 
  • You must be a Domain Admin (which is different from a Policy Admin) to access the reconciliation dashboard. 
  • A user must be invited to a policy before a card is assigned to them in Domain Control.
  • Company cards must be assigned in Domain Control. Importing a card in Account Settings is incorrect and only used for personal cards (reimbursable expenses).
  • A client's domain must be validated to activate the company card module.

Training video - Company card management & reconciliation

Sign up here for our live company card administration and reconciliation webinar to see the features in action!

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