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Learn how to set yourself up as an ExpensifyApproved! Partner:

How does my partner code work?

You'll receive your partner code when you graduate from ExpensifyApproved! University. [Note: If you already have your partner code, you can add it under Settings > Your Account > Billing and Subscriptions.}

Your partner code allows you and your clients to track the amount of active users on Expensify. Most importantly, it allows Expensify to apply the correct discounts and track when you've moved into a higher partner tier.

There are five tiers of partnership based on the number of monthly active users that you refer to Expensify across all of your clients.

For example, if you've referred 21 or more active users across clients, all Policy Admins with your partner code added under their Billing & Subscriptions section will start receiving 15% off their monthly bill moving forward. If your firm is a ‘Champion’ and using Expensify internally, the discount is increased to 20%. Don’t forget that your firm’s employees also count toward your monthly active users – all the more reason to use us for your internal expense management!

What if several accountants at my firm are using Expensify?

Each accountant will receive a unique partner code once they graduate from ExpensifyApproved! University. Expensify will recognize the active users referred by all accountants across your entire accounting firm, and we'll apply the discount based on this total number. Once we set the code up for the company, all accountants at your firm have activated partner codes. 

What's an ExpensifyApproved! partner account and how do I get one?

With an ExpensifyApproved! partner account, you can manage all your clients on Expensify (as well as your internal business expenses) in one place. Your clients and company will not be charged for your activity on their policies. 

To create a policy for any client, head to Settings > Policies > click New Policy

A great benefit of a partner account is the ability to create policies on behalf of your clients (i.e. you can assign the policy ownership, billing, and subscriptions to them directly). If this is the better option for you, just enable Create for another account and insert the email address of the client’s policy owner.

Managing Expensify subscriptions across your clients

When using Expensify with your clients, you have three options for billing:

  1. Your clients own their Expensify subscriptions and get billed directly
  2. Each accountant at your firm owns their clients’ Expensify subscriptions (and bills accordingly)
  3. A domain billing owner at your firm owns all the firm’s Expensify clients in one place

To designate a domain billing owner at your firm for all client policies, a Domain Admin should head to Settings > Domain Control > [your firm’s domain] > Domain Admins > enable Consolidated Domain Billing.

This Primary Domain Admin must also have a valid billing card down to pay for subscriptions under their own Settings > Your Account > Billing and Subscriptions

Going forward, with Consolidated Domain Billing enabled, whenever a client policy is created by anyone at your firm, the ownership will automatically transfer and be paid for by the Primary Domain Admin.

What happens to old policies?

These changes are not retroactive – which means only new policies will be transferred to the Primary Domain Admin after the request. If you have old client policies that need to be transferred, just follow these two easy steps:

  1. Ensure the company-wide billing owner is added as a Policy Admin on these policies. 
  2. They can then go to Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Take Over Billing.

Have questions? Please use Expensify's support resources by reaching out to support at or harnessing our community forum at

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