Default report titles allow admins to create a default title format for reports on a given policy. This feature also gives admins the optional ability to enforce report titles, so that they cannot be modified by employees. This means that admins have consistency in the naming convention when reviewing reports, and employees don't have to go through the extra step of typing in a name for every report they create.

The Default Report Titles feature is found in Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports

You can configure the title by using the macros that we provide to populate the Report Title. Please note that you can use a combination of macros and text for this feature. Our Custom formulas page is a great place to look for any combination of ready-made macros that will populate exactly what you need in the report title field.

Here is a screenshot of where to configure default report titles:

And you're done! Once you enable the feature and set up the naming convention, all reports created under this policy going forward will use this format.

Remember: if you'd like for employees to not be able to edit the report title at all, just enable Enforce Default Report Title.

Note: This change will not retroactively update any report titles for reports which have been Approved or Reimbursed.

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