What does it mean?

This error means the classification listed in the error message is enabled at the header level of your transaction form. For expense report and journal entry export, NetSuite pulls the header level classifications from the employee record default.  We only export this information to the line item level from Expensify. 

For vendor bills, these classifications cannot be mandatory on your transaction form since we are using the vendor record instead of the employee record and vendor records have no default classifications.

Vendor Bills

When exporting as a Vendor Bill, we pull the vendor rather than the employee so the employee defaults don't apply to the header level. We don't have an option to export anything at the header level on a vendor bill so you will need to uncheck the listed fields on your transaction form under Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms > [Click Edit on your preferred vendor bill form] Screen Fields > Main.

Journal Entries and Expense Reports

Alternatively, if you are encountering this error when exporting to a Journal Entry or Expense Report, this could be because the submitter of the report does not have an employee default set for Departments/Classes/Locations.

To resolve, please give the employee a default Department/Class/Location by going to Lists > Employees > click "Edit" next to the employee entry for the report submitter. Scroll down to the Classification section and select a default Department/Class/Location for your employee. Click Save, and sync your NetSuite connection in Expensify.

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