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Annoyed by needing to create reports manually, or forgetting to submit them when they are always due the same time? Here's a handy trick: Scheduled Submit!

What is Scheduled Submit?

  • If a current open report doesn't exist, Concierge will automatically open one when you create an expense and collect expenses until the end of the period you choose. 
  • At the end of the period, Concierge will submit the report on your behalf if there are no violations
  • Alternatively, if you want a report to be created for you, but want to continue to manually submit the report, you can do that too!
  • After a report is automatically (or manually) submitted, the next expense creation will open a new report for the following period.

How do I turn it on or change the submit frequency?

This task card in your Inbox will ask how often you'd like to submit your reports. You can make your selection here in the drop-down box. Don't want to use individual Scheduled Submit? Just "Hide" the card.

Alternatively, you can make this change later from your Account settings. Head to Settings > Policies > Individual > [Policy Name] > Reports to turn this option on as well as change the submit frequency:

Curious about the different submission options? Take a look here for descriptions on each submission frequency.

Do you belong to your group's policy?

Note that Scheduled Submit can also be set at the group policy level by your company's Expensify admin. If they have turned this setting on at the policy level, it will override any settings you use here as long as you are reporting on that policy. This means you may see reports submitted automatically even though the feature is turned off in your account settings.

You will know if your individual settings are being overridden if you see this banner:

Troubleshooting and FAQ:

My report was submitted automatically, but I wasn't finished!

No worries!

  • If you are reporting on your individual policy, then you can simply "reopen" the report.
  • If you are reporting on a group policy, you can either click to retract the report (if it hasn't been approved yet), or you can request your manager to reject the report back to you (if it has been approved). 

You can then make edits while it's in the Open state, and then re-submit manually.

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