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What is the Uber receipt integration?

You can now link your Expensify account directly to your Uber account. The receipts for Uber rides you take for business will be automatically populated in Expensify.

Set up:

In the Uber app:

  1. Tap the three lines in the top-left to open the menu, then tap into Payments
  2. Tap Add Business Profile to create a Business Profile. You can also go to this page - - to set up your account. 
  3. Select a payment method (not shown below) or set up a new payment method as directed on your screen.
  4. Enter the email address that you'd like receipts to submit to. Make sure the email address you enter matches your Expensify account, because this is the account that receipts will SmartScan in. You'll need to validate this email address if it hasn't already been validated. 
  5. Select Expensify as your expense provider on the next screen.
  6. Finally, select which profile you'd like to use by default! 
  7. Keep riding and let Expensify + Uber save you time on expense reporting! SmartScan will take it from here and link your Uber expense to any matching credit card expense on your account.

If your company policy has our automated features enabled, you won't have to lift a finger to submit this expense. 

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why do I have two transactions (tip and ride) for each trip?

Uber posts two transactions and two different times to the card for the trip and the tip, meaning they're actually two separate expenses! We'll automatically populate both to the account, and if needed, merge the two with their corresponding card transactions.

There is no way to import these as one transaction with the combined total automatically.

Why is Uber creating an Expensify account for me? Why do my Uber receipts keep populating in Expensify?
Your Uber account is connected to Expensify! You can disconnect the account by opening the Uber app and clicking the menu. Then follow Payment > Business (under Ride Profiles) > Expensify (under Expense Provider) > Disconnect.

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