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Connecting Accelo with Expensify
Uploading Project Codes as Tags
Understand what information syncs between Expensify and Accelo
Importing expenses from Expensify to Accelo


Invoicing billable expenses and tracking the profitability of your projects has never been easier with the Expensify + Accelo integration! Connecting Expensify to Accelo gives you the ability to pull the details of expenses, which have been recorded in Expensify, into Accelo against the relevant project, ticket, or retainer. 

For example:

  • A consultant buys a flight linked to a project and will need to be reimbursed
  • The consultant adds the expense details into Expensify
  • The expense details are automatically pulled into Accelo (and exported from Expensify to Xero or QuickBooks Online) through the Expensify + Accelo integration
  • The consultant can choose which project/client to apply the expense toward, directly to an invoice or deduct it from an existing retainer within Accelo
  • Reporting on profit margins, cost of doing business, and forecasting cash-flow can be done from Accelo

Connecting Accelo with Expensify

You’ll need administrator access to Accelo and a Policy Admin role in Expensify. Once you've connected Expensify to Accelo, all Expensify users can automatically sync their expenses with Accelo.

To connect Expensify to Accelo, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Expensify Integration Server.

2. Copy your Partner User ID and Partner User Secret. These are different from your normal Expensify username and password.

2a. If you haven’t set up the integration server previously, click here:

2b. If you have previously set up the integration server you’ll need to regenerate your Partner User Secret, by clicking “Click here” in the image below to regenerate your partnerUserSecret. If you currently use the Integration Server for another integration, this will change your account's Secret. In this case, you’ll need to update that integration to use the new Secret.

3. Now head back to your Accelo account, open your Integrations page, and select the Expensify tab.

4. Enter your Expensify Integration Server's Partner User ID and Partner User Secret, and click Save:

You're now connected!  

Uploading Project Codes as Tags

The next step is to upload your Accelo Project Codes as Tags in Expensify. If you have a direct integration in place with Xero or QuickBooks Online, you’ll need to upload your Project Codes by appending your tags. Go to Settings > Policies > Company Policy > Tags and click on “Append Tags” to upload your Project Codes via a CSV:

Understand what information syncs between Expensify and Accelo

The Accelo integration offers a one-way sync, importing expenses directly from Expensify to Accelo. When an expense is imported, the following information is mapped from the Expensify expense to Accelo:

Expense Details

Expense Status

The status of your expense report in Expensify is synced in Accelo:

Importing expenses from Expensify to Accelo

Accelo automatically checks Expensify for new expenses every hour.  Expenses which have been created or updated since the last sync are automatically imported.

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