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Common Card Programs
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Expensify is the perfect tool to manage your credit card, however, with so many card programs out there, it can be confusing knowing exactly how to connect your cards. This article outlines the three commonly used card programs in Asia Pacific, and how to connect your cards per card program.

Common Card Programs

These are three commonly used credit card programs:

Personal Card Program

For some businesses, it may make sense to use a personal credit card, meaning a card associated with a person instead of a business. You might find that the rewards programs associated with personal credit cards are better suited for your company than the incentive programs of business card issuers. 

As personal card programs don’t qualify for a feed, the best way to import transactions is via CSV. Visit Personal cards: Import via CSV for directions!

(Small) Business Card Program

Over time, you may want to manage your personal and business purchases separately.  A business credit card, geared for small businesses, generally has more features than a traditional credit card. The features enable the business to apply spending controls, distribute multiple cards, and access business rewards and services.

As business credit card programs don’t qualify for a feed, the best way to import transactions is via our Direct Bank Connect option, which is available for a handful of APAC banks. Visit Company Cards: Import via direct bank connection for directions. If we don’t support a Direct Bank Connection with your bank, the alternative way is to import transactions via CSV. You can either opt to have cardholders upload their own transactions, or upload these yourself as an Admin through our Copilot feature. Visit Personal cards: Import via CSV for directions!

Corporate Card Program

As your business grows, your company’s needs will too. You’ll have more employees and therefore more business expenses. You might outgrow your small-business credit card program and want to switch to a corporate credit card program to have more control over spending.

Most companies have an understanding of the difference between personal and business credit cards, but the distinction between small-business cards and corporate cards — and the right time to move from one to the other — is less clear.

If you have a corporate credit card account then most likely you’re able to access a daily transaction feed where expenses are sent to Expensify by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Contact your banking relationship manager to see if your card program is eligible. Check out Company cards: Import via commercial card feed for directions! 

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