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What will happen with my current QBOA Connection?
Billing Overview
Will I continue to receive discounted pricing?
Who owns the billing: me (as the accountant), or my client?
Who should I reach out to for questions related to QBOA and Expensify? 

What will happen with my current QBOA Connection?

To make sure that you will have a seamless transition, your Expensify account is already configured to roll into our standard QuickBooks Online integration automatically. For more information on this connection, check out our QuickBooks Online Integrations 101 info here. You can continue to use this integration to code expenses to appropriate GL accounts and pass approved expense reports effortlessly into QuickBooks Online for any of your Expensify policies. 


Billing Overview

Starting September 1, 2019, your Expensify billing will change to our Control Policy billing, with an annual commitment. This article will outline our Control Policy and annual commitment in more detail.  If you would like to modify your default billing settings, please reach out to so we can guide you through appropriate steps. You can find an outline of all billing options below. 


Expensify Active User Pricing

As described in our pricing page, all customers have two options for pricing:

  • Pay-Per-Use: $18/mo. The customer is billed $18 for each active user in a given month. No annual commitment; leave anytime.
  • Annual: $9/mo.  If the customer commits to an annual subscription, they'll get a massive 50% discount off of Pay-Per-Use.  Annual pricing is still billed on a monthly basis, but if cancellation occurs inside of 1 year, an early termination fee must be paid. Any active users beyond your annual subscription are billed at the $18 Pay-Per-Use rate.

The options above are available to all customers, whether you're an ExpensifyApproved! partner, or a client purchasing Expensify directly. Specific to ExpensifyApproved! partners, however, are the tiered discounts that are applied to reduce the list price. For example, Platinum partners are able to purchase Annual seats for $6.30/mo, or Pay-Per-Use for $12.60/mo.

Will I continue to receive discounted pricing?

Our ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program offers discounts, training, and support from our product experts. When you originally signed up for Expensify through QBOA, you were added as a member of this partnership program. We've made sure to keep you registered as an ExpensifyApproved! Partner. This means you can continue to take advantage of the benefits the partnership program offers, including potential discounts. The promo code for taking advantage of the discount should be the email address you use for Expensify. To find your promo code and also see the discount percentage you have, check the billing section of your Expensify account. This section can be found by selecting Settings > Your Account >  Billing.

Who owns the billing:me (as the accountant), or my client? 

You can configure the account for either yourself or your client to own billing ,and both of these methods allow clients access to your exclusive ExpensifyApproved! partner discount. One method is to instruct clients to purchase Expensify directly and enter your firm's “promo code” -- this gives them up to a 30% discount off the list price. 

The general design of Expensify is that whoever owns the expense policy pays for activity on that expense policy.  As an accountant creating policies for your clients, if you retain ownership of the client policy, you will be billed by Expensify for the client’s activity -- which you can then re-bill to them however determined by your client agreement.

Who should I reach out to for questions related to the deprecation of QBOA? 

For any questions you have and to make your transition off of QBOA, onto Expensify as seamless as possible, our team is available to help. Please reach out to with any questions along the way. 

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