There are two main methods to allow clients access to your exclusive ExpensifyApproved! partner discount. One method is to instruct clients to purchase Expensify directly and enter your firm's “promo code” -- this gives them up to a 30% discount off the list price.  

However, a more powerful method exists that lets you offer your clients up to a 65% discount while also streamlining onboarding! That method is described below.

Expensify Active User Pricing

As described on our pricing page, all customers have two options for pricing:

  • Pay-Per-Use: $18/mo. The customer is billed $18 for each active user in a given month. No annual commitment; leave anytime.
  • Annual: $9/mo.  If the customer commits to an annual subscription, they'll get a massive 50% discount off of Pay-Per-Use.  Annual pricing is still billed on a monthly basis, but if cancellation occurs inside of 1 year, a termination fee must be paid. Any active users beyond your annual subscription are billed at the $18 Pay-Per-Use rate.

The options above are available to all customers, whether you're an ExpensifyApproved! partner or a client purchasing Expensify directly. Specific to ExpensifyApproved! partners, however, are the tiered discounts that are applied to reduce the list price. For example, Platinum partners are able to purchase Annual seats for $6.30/mo, or Pay-Per-Use for $12.60/mo.

Policy Owners Pay for Usage in Expensify

The general design of Expensify is that whoever owns the expense policy pays for activity on that expense policy.  As an accountant creating policies for your clients, if you retain ownership of the client policy, you will be billed by Expensify for the client’s activity -- which you can then re-bill to them however determined by your client agreement.

Maintaining Annual Subscriptions Across Clients

Annual subscriptions are owned by billing relationships, not clients.  Accordingly, if you use central client billing in conjunction with consolidated domain billing, this means that your annual subscriptions will be shared between all clients.  This design enables you to provide incredible discounts to your clients as you can make a single annual commitment on behalf of all clients, without your clients needing to make any commitment at all.  And since your tiered discount is applied to the price that you pay, this means you can provide the equivalent of $18/mo no-commitment Pay-Per-Use seats to your client base for as low as $6.30/mo -- a 65% discount off of what they would need to pay if buying direct!  

Let’s explore an example to help paint the picture:

  • You have 10 clients, each of which has 5 active users, for a total of 50 active users.
  • If you were to buy Pay-Per-Use seats for each of your clients, it would cost $900 (prior to your tiered discount)
  • However, despite the activity of any given client changing on a monthly basis, it’s probable that most months would have at least 40 active users -- combined across all clients.
  • Recognizing this, if you commit to 40 annual seats, you can reduce your monthly cost from $900/mo to ($9*40 + $18*10) = $540.
  • This lets you offer clients the equivalent of $18/mo Pay-Per-Use seats for $10.80/mo -- a 40% discount (on top of your tiered discount)! 
  • The recommended best practice is to enable auto-increase on the Annual subscription to keep the active user price at $9, thus avoiding any overages being charged back to clients.

Explaining Discounts to Clients

As an ExpensifyApproved! partner, you're in a unique position. You can combine activity across many clients and thus make a commitment on behalf of all clients, then share the corresponding discounts evenly with everyone.  This is known as “strategic sourcing," and is a powerful negotiating tactic normally reserved for the largest companies -- but it’s only available to your clients if they purchase Expensify through you.

Billing Clients

Every month, Expensify will send you a single bill for the combined activity across all of your clients. The bill will include:

  • Annual Seats: The number of annual seats you have committed to across all clients in your firm's portfolio
  • Pay-Per-Use Seats: The number of additional Pay-Per-Use seats in excess of the committed annual seats
  • Subtotal: (Annual x $9) + (Pay-Per-Use x $18)
  • Discount: The amount deducted due to your ExpensifyApproved! partner tier
  • Total: The total amount billed to your credit card
  • Policy list: A list of all client policies, and for each:

    Active seats:
    How many users were active on this policy. In the event a client has multiple policies, even if they are active on multiple policies, they will only be billed for activity on a single policy; there is no “double dipping.

    Client ID
    :  The unique ID a firm gives to a client for internal tracking purposes. By adding a Client ID to each policy, the monthly billing receipt will be itemized per client, with a breakdown of unique active users per client. If you choose not to use a Client ID for a given policy, then the billing receipt will display all unique users per policy. If there is a mixture of these, the billing receipt will reflect a breakdown by Client ID and policy name.
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