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What does reopening an account mean?

After a personal or domain-controlled Expensify account is closed, it can be Reopened by the individual user or a Domain Admin respectively. 

All previously approved expense data will be kept in the account while it is closed. This means that when the account is reopened, you'll still have access to any expenses and reports that are Closed, Approved, or Reimbursed

All Unreported, Open and Processing expenses and reports are removed when the account is closed, and will not be retrievable. 

In addition to these expenses being removed, all created policies and individual settings modifications are removed when an account is closed — essentially, the account is reset beyond the approved expense data. 

How to Reopen your account

If your account is closed and is not associated with a domain under Domain Control, head to and attempt to sign-in using your email address or phone number. After entering in your user name, you will see the following prompt:

Click Reopen account and a magic link will be sent to you. 

The magic link will take you to Expensify, reopen your account and prompt you to create a new password associated with your account. 

And that's it! Your account is now reopened — any previously approved expense data will still be visible in the account, but you will need to recreate any formerly-owned policies and adjust any settings that were previously adjusted.

How to Reopen a Domain-controlled account

Once an account has been Closed by a Domain Admin, it can be reopened by any Domain Admin on that domain. 

The Domain Admin will simply need to invite the previously-closed account in the same manner that new accounts are invited to the Domain. The user will receive a magic link to their email account which they can use to Reopen the account.


Some common issues and how to resolve these:

  • Google SSO accounts cannot be reopened via the Google SSO method of signing in. These accounts will need to be reopened via either email or SMS
  • Domain-controlled accounts can only be reopened by a Domain Admin. When attempting to reopen this account, you'll be prompted to request access from a Domain Admin.  

If you're still running into problems with closing your account and the issue appears to be none of the above, don't hesitate to Contact Us and we'll do our best to put it right!

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