Need to check out the history of a report? A full audit trail of any report, complete with any comments added at any point, is available at the bottom of the reports page (on the website only).

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Report History

You will find a section titled "Report History & Comments" at the bottom of submitted expense reports. The report history provides a log of every action taken on the report. 

Report actions include: 

  • Report submission
  • Report approvals
  • Report & expense rejections
  • Changes made to expenses by approvers and admins
  • Changes made to Report Fields by approvers and admins

Report Comments

Report comments allow users (employees, approvers, administrators) to communicate about the expense report. Anyone with permission to view the report can add comments. 

When a comment posts on the expense report, all users who have taken action on that report will receive an email notification. 

The email will include a link to the report, making it easy to comment, if needed. Hitting "Reply" to the email will also record the email response in the comments of the report. (You must use the email address registered to your Expensify account to reply by email.)

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