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How do I create and submit a report?

Expenses need to be on a report in order to submit. Once the expense has been created, it can be added to a report and submitted for approval, or closed if no approval is required. 

Ideally, you will use Scheduled Submit to do this for you! If Scheduled Submit is enabled, Concierge creates a report on your behalf when new expenses are created in your account, then submits your report based on the timeframe defined by either you or your Group policy's administrator. For more information, check out our article on Scheduled Submit.

How can I manually create a report?

Via the Mobile App:

The easiest way is via the mobile app. You will need to create your expenses before you add them to a report on the app. One you have created expenses:

  • Tap the menu icon (top-left corner), tap Reports, and then tap the '+' icon.
  • Click “add expenses” to select the ones to add from a list of all your expenses (hope you've SmartScanned!) 
  • When you are finished adding and editing expenses, you should see Submit at the top of the screen. Tap this, confirm who you are sending the report to, then click Submit! Just that easy. 

Via the Website:

  • Get started on a new report by clicking the “New Report” button on the Reports page.
  • To add expenses to the report, tap the green Add Expenses icon when you're working on an Open report 
  • To bulk add expenses to a report, you can also navigate to the Expenses screen and then check all Open expenses you'd like to add to a report. Then either select a current report or create a new one from the list that appears on the button to the top right of the screen:
  • When you are ready to submit the report, make sure to check out any violations or notes that might hold up the report. Guided Review, (explained further below) will help you through this!
  • When you're all set, click "submit", verify the approver, and then "submit" again. You're done!

Can I merge reports? 

There is not a way to merge two reports, but as long as both reports are in the Openstate, you can easily consolidate your expenses by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your account from a web browser and navigate to your Expenses page
  2. Check the box next to each expense you'd like to move
  3. Choose a report to place the selected expenses from the Add to Report button

Using Guided Review Before Submitting a Report

Can't tell what needs fixing on a report before you submit it? Never fear, Guided Review is here!  This ever so helpful feature will walk you through all items that need to be addressed in order for your report to submit with no issues.

Step One: Click Begin Review and the system will walk you through the entire report

Step Two: Click View to look at the expense in more detail or to resolve any violations. Click Next to move onto the next item

Step Three: Click the Finish button if you are done reviewing, or view the last item to finish the review process.

You now have one perfect report ready for submission!

On mobile, you will click Submit at the top right corner of the screen.

Confirming your manager, adding a memo, PDF, or a CC

When you click “submit…” the email field may already be pre-populated. In this case, the billing owner has specified that you should submit to this person. You can edit this email to submit to someone else for special circumstances, or include additional people in the cc field so that they are copied on the report. You can also include a Memo with any notes or extra comments for your approving manager. When your report is submitted, we’ll send an email to your approver letting them know that your report requires their attention.

Submitting with Violations

Sometimes your report will have violations and you still need to submit it. It’s ok - you can! Just let your manager know in the “Memo” field why you are submitting the report this way. Violations that are commonly bypassed are receipt requirements for mileage expenses, or expenses that go over a certain amount. If you have any questions concerning violations, talk to your approver about changing the policy to accommodate these exceptions, or learn more about violations.

Close a Report

If you create an expense report that you don’t need approved by anyone, (perhaps you just clicked Track when you signed in) you can either Submit the report to yourself (if you want a copy of the report emailed to you) or you can "Mark As Closed." The report will then be in "Closed" status. If you need to modify the report after it has been closed, open the report and click "Undo Submit." It will return to an "Open" state and allow any necessary corrections.

Delete a Report

Reports can be deleted only if they are in an “Open” state, and only by the person who created the report. To delete a report, just click the “delete” button in the Report. The expenses in the report will not be deleted. They will be returned to the "unreported expenses" list.

If you are an admin and don't wish to view certain reports (since you aren't able to delete or archive them), the best option is to clean up that list is to use the filters on the top of your Reports screen.

For Admins: View, Edit and Submit Employees' Open Reports

As a policy admin, you can view, edit and submit your employees' Open reports. Click on the Reports tab then select the All Submitters and Open filters and you will see all employee reports on your policies that have not been submitted.

Click on a report to view its contents.  From here click an expense to view, add or modify details such as Categories, Tags and Description.  You can also attach a receipt if one is missing.  

Any changes made by the admin are tracked under Report History and Comments and an email will be sent to the employee if you change the reimbursable status of an expense (e.g. from Reimbursable to Non Reimbursable).

If an employee can't do it themselves, as a policy admin you can submit an expense report on their behalf to commence the approval process.  Just hit the Submit button at the top of the report.

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