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Getting Started

We have a few different ways for how receipts can be uploaded to Expensify. 

  1. By far the easiest, is SmartScan with your iPhone or Android device. Snap a picture, and forget about it! 
  2. Forward email receipts directly into Expensify to for SmartScanning - this is great for email receipts you receive from airlines and electronic receipts.
  3. The final way is to directly upload receipts through the Expenses page or by dragging and dropping the receipt file into Expensify.

Let SmartScan do the work for you!

Nobody likes typing or waiting for scans to finish; just snap it and forget it! It'll be auto-reported upon completion and auto-submitted that same night (or any frequency you desire) if your policy has Scheduled Submit enabled. Just scan your receipts immediately after making the purchase, and let us take care of them for you! 

Here is our ultimate SmartScan guide.

SmartScan with your Android or iOs Device

To take a SmartScan photo with your mobile app, tap the green camera button, point and shoot! 

You can manually enter a transaction, create a time, distance, or per diem expense by tapping the + at the top right of the Expenses page and selecting the desired option. Please note, the available expense formats are dependent on the formats enabled in your policy settings. 

How to quickly scan a bunch of receipts 

If you have a shoe box of receipts waiting to be scanned then Rapid Fire Mode is for you! To activate it tap on the green camera button and then tap on the camera icon on the bottom right. When you see the little fire icon on the camera, this means Rapid Fire Mode has been activated. Tap the camera icon again to disable Rapid Fire Mode.

Email Receipts to Expensify

All receipts that are in your email, such as airline, rental car or hotel confirmations etc. can be forwarded to From here, they will be SmartScanned and an expense will be created for you!

All of the receipt images will be processed and added to your account via SmartScan. 

How to create an expense from an email receipt in your own Expensify account:

  • Directly forward that email to from your Expensify email address. 
  • Find it on the Expenses page, either listed under the date of the receipt (if the SmartScan has completed), or under the date that you forwarded the receipt (if the SmartScan has not completed extracting information from the receipt yet).

How to create an expense from an email receipt in your own Expensify account, but from an email address that differs from your current Expensify login:

  • You'll want to add that email as a secondary login to your account so that we can recognize that receipts from either of these email addresses should go straight to your own account. 
  • Follow the normal steps above once this is set up and forward these to

How to create an expense from an email in a receipt on behalf of someone you Copilot for:

  • Simply put their email address (and only their email address) in the subject of the email so that we know to apply it to that person's account. Forward to and this should appear in their Expenses list.

How to find your "Trip" if you have forwarded a receipt that was also a flight itinerary/hotel stay/car booking:

  • This expense will still be found on the Expenses list. 
  • As long as we were able to SmartScan this as a receipt with a date and amount (and not just an itinerary with no receipt information) you can find your trip details in the Trip section of your mobile app!

Accepted Files

These are the specific types of files you can send:

  • Picture attachments - Send in pictures of receipts as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or PDF and we’ll add them to your list of unattached receipts
  • Text/HTML email - Send in text email, TXT or HTML receipts (such as airline e-ticket itineraries or rental car contracts) and we’ll convert them into images that work just like all other receipts.
  • Documents - Send in Microsoft Word or PDF documents to convert them to receipt images.

Direct Upload from web

To directly upload a receipt from your computer: 

  1. Click "New Expense" on the Expenses page. 
  2. Select "Scan Receipt" and choose the file you would like to upload.

  3. You can also drag and drop the receipt file into your account.

Adding a Document

In the case where you have additional documents to support your receipt you can add them to your report as Documents. To add a Document to your report click the Add Document icon on the left-hand side of your report and upload your file. 

All supporting documents or receipts that were directly added to a report but did not get SmartScanned will be added to the Documents section which is found at the bottom of your report, right under the Receipt Thumbnails section.

What is the difference between a receipt, an expense, and a document?

For the sake of locating different items in your Expenses list, we've assigned certain criteria for each of these. Here's a definition an example of each:

  • Receipts include the image of the receipt, as well as all expense information (the date, merchant, amount of the purchase as well as any categories, tags, etc.) In accounting terms, this is the "line item". When a receipt is SmartScanned, the result is this receipt with these details populated for you. This Receipt list could be receipts linked with a credit card expense, those waiting to link to a credit card expense, and receipts that do not have a credit card expense to match to (cash expense). 
  • Expenses are entries that do not yet have a receipt image. These are most often expenses imported from a personal, business or company card, but can also include manually created expenses.
  • Documents can be added as attachments to the report. These do not contain expense information, and are not SmartScanned. They offer additional information to supplement the report, such as a bank statement. They can also be failed SmartScans, or receipts that are still SmartScanning. 

The receipt is in, what's next?

Your receipt has been added to Expensify and entered as an expense either by SmartScan or manually.

  • If your company is using Scheduled Submit, your expenses will fall to an open report and will either submit automatically, or you can submit it manually, depending on the settings
  • Company not using Scheduled Submit? You can still set this up yourself in your Account Settings so that your expenses are submitted automatically.
  • If neither of these options are for you, learn how to create a report manually.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

How do I get an unlimited number of SmartScans?

If you belong to your company’s policy, you have unlimited SmartScans automatically. However, if you’re an individual user, purchase the Monthly Subscription to gain access to limitless SmartScans.

I don't see the receipt that I forwarded via email to my account.

  1. Double-check that you did not send the receipt to Sometimes, email clients' contacts save our "Receipt Forwarder" email as this email address instead, which will not get your receipt to the correct place!
  2. It's possible that the receipt is in the account, but you are having trouble locating it. Try opening up the various date filters on the Expenses page to reflect the correct date. If the SmartScan failed or has not completed, the receipt will be located under the date it was forwarded. If the SmartScan has completed, you can find it under the purchase date of the receipt. Always check your Deleted folder too!
  3. Check to make sure that the email receipt was a valid file format. Accepted file types can be found in the section directly above this Troubleshooting section.

I found my receipt, but the image is blank or a string of scrambled characters.

  1. Is the receipt a valid file format? Accepted file types can be found in the section directly above this Troubleshooting section.
  2. Are there unrelated attachments on the email? Make sure that the only attachments are items that will need to be SmartScanned. Our system might get a little confused if there are extraneous attachments! 
  3. Are you using other images in your signature (such as social media logos)? Sometimes, this can throw things off as well. Please try deleting any such images and forwarding the email again.
  4. Are you using Outlook? A couple factors can interfere with outgoing Outlook emails. If you are using Digital Signatures, try unchecking this option (you'll find this under the the envelope and lock icon at the top of your email draft screen). Also, Outlook's encryption can sometimes come into play; if your organization is encrypting emails upon them sending, then this might result in us not receiving the image correctly. Check with your company's IT department if you aren't sure if your email is being encrypted.

I don't see the receipt that I forwarded via email to my Copilot's account.

  1. First, check the troubleshooting steps above, which should apply to any emails you forward.
  2. Double-check that you do do have access as a Copilot to this person's account. Go to Settings > Your Account and scroll down to Copilot: Delegated Access to check for any and all users you can Copilot for.
  3. Make sure that you are sending the receipt to and you have only the email address of the person's account in the subject line (with no other text).

My receipt was added as a Document, how do I make it into an expense?

To change a Document into a stand-alone expense, click on the Document in the report and fill out the expense details. Once the image/file is has a Merchant Name, Date, and an Amount it will be added as an expense line and the receipt will be added to the receipt section of the report.

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