Have the details from your bank or card issuer for a commercial card feed? Submit them here and we'll add it to your (or your client's) domain!

Step-by-Step Guidance

What is your email address?

This is largely self-explanatory, but make sure you enter your actual email address! Even if you're setting this up for someone else, we'll make sure to get all of that information as well. 🙂

Are you submitting this information on behalf of someone else (e.g., a mutual customer)?

Also largely self-explanatory, but essentially: if you're not intending to have this information in your Expensify account, but it's for someone else, the answer is Yes!

What is the name of the domain to which this feed should be added?

Whether this is for you or someone else, the answer here would be the same--that is, for whomever the feed was generated, and whoever will be utilizing this feed in Expensify, enter their domain. A domain is effectively the last portion of your email address; for instance, expensify.com or yourcompany.com.

What type of cards are on this feed?

This might seem more simple than it is! In general, though, you can choose whatever of the first three options (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) is accurate. This will cover the vast majority of cases. 

Once you choose an option, you'll be directed to the appropriate steps for that card type. We simply need you to copy and paste the respective fields in the same format as the bank sent to you!

IF you look at these fields and think, "This looks NOTHING like what I have," then you'll want to scroll up to re-reveal the previous question ("What type of cards are on this feed?") and change your selection to Other.

And that's all, folks! Be sure to click Submit, and we'll automatically be notified to add this to the indicated domain. Once we do that, we'll reach out to that company's contact/administrator and let them know they're all set.

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