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What are keyboard shortcuts?

Why would I want to use them? Keyboard shortcuts are a really handy way to navigate any site, and quickly find the information you're looking for. In addition to your normal browser shortcuts, we've added some specifically for Expensify.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Expensify

Expensify offers a few handy shortcuts for skipping through reports, navigating quickly to set pages and finding reports really easily. If you're ever stuck for what these are, the only one you need to remember is Shift + ? - this will bring up a list of shortcuts right in your browser window:

Here's the list of shortcuts and what they do:

  • Shift + ? - Opens the keyboard shortcuts dialog 
  • Shift + G - Prompts you for a reportID and takes you to the report page of the report with the given ID
  • ESC - Closes any shortcut dialog window
  • Ctrl+Enter - From the comment field in the Report History & Comments section, submit a comment on a report. 
  • Shift + P - Takes you to the report’s policy when you’re on a report
  • Shift + → - Go to the next report 
  • Shift + ← - Go to the previous report 
  • Shift + R - Reloads the current page

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why won't the report ID shortcut work? It's not loading the report.
This is likely due to the fact you don't have access to that Report ID because you're either not in the approval chain for that report, or you're not a Policy Admin or Policy Auditor on the policy which it's been reported on.

You'll see this error message when you try to load a report you're unable to view:

The same is true if you're not a Policy Admin and you attempt to use the Shift + P shortcut.

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