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What is Concierge Receipt Audit?

Concierge Receipt Audit is realtime audit and compliance of receipts submitted by employees and policy users. Concierge checks every receipt for accuracy and compliance, flagging any expenses that seem fishy before expense reports are even submitted for approval. All risky expenses are highlighted for manual review, leaving you with more control over and visibility into employee expenses.


Currently, we are in the process of rolling out Concierge Receipt Audit to our enterprise customers.  If you don't see it yet, we hope to get it to you soon!

How does Concierge Receipt Audit work?

1. Concierge will SmartScan every receipt to verify the data input by the user matches the merchant, date and amount on the physical receipt.

2. After the report is submitted for approval, Concierge highlights any differences between the SmartScanned values and the employee's chosen input.

3. Each receipt that has been verified will show the "Verified" logo

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Concierge Receipt Audit got the merchant/amount/date wrong and my employee was correct, what should I do?
We’re always working to improve SmartScan’s accuracy. Right now, we’re adamant that there’s no other more accurate receipt capture app available on the market. If you’re experiencing an issue with SmartScan, please let us know and the team will be sure to investigate this for you! 9 times out of 10, the value populated by SmartScan can be explained by the support team. If you’re facing issues with automatic merging, check out this SmartScan Merge Failure guide for more!

Whilst you can still use Expensify without SmartScan when defaulted to your Individual policy, it will always be enabled when you’re submitting receipts on a Control plan policy. Remember, you can always still fill in the details yourself though!

I can’t find my receipts now. Where have they gone?
Expensify views Documents and Expenses differently. Without SmartScan enabled and without the user manually performing the data entry, Expensify cannot create an "expense" from a receipt. Without a merchant name, a date or an amount, the receipt is just an empty image or a “Document” to Expensify.

We often find in cases where SmartScan isn't enabled, users had previously been reliant on these “Documents” appearing in the “Attach Receipt” modal, especially when adding receipts to a set of imported card transactions:

With SmartScan enabled, these receipts will now become expenses of their own, meaning they’ll no longer show up here, or in the “Documents” filter on the Expenses page. Now, when adding receipts to imported card transactions, SmartScan should automatically do the job for you. For any time it doesn’t, you’ll need to manually merge those expenses, rather than searching for the receipt via “Attach Receipt”. 

Because most, if not all of these receipts will now automatically merge, it will seriously cut down on any time spent previously manually attaching receipts in the future.

How does SmartScan work? Our company doesn’t want any 3rd party viewing our receipts.
SmartScan isn't flawless yet and if our OCR technology can't read the receipt, we will make sure it's flagged for human review by one of our secure technicians. At the end of the day, nothing beats the human eye for ultimate quality. We get it though, no one wants their data at risk. Almost every service provider available (including banks and social networks) use third parties to help support the great tools they’ve built. Our 3rd party relationships are subprocessors; fully GDPR compliant and adherent to strict NDA agreements, local, federal, and international laws. Protecting your data is our business: you can review our subprocessor list, our privacy practices, and our security protocols at any time.

How do I know if Concierge Receipt Audit is enabled for me/my employees?
Concierge Receipt Audit is a feature of all Control plan policies. If you navigate to Settings > Your Account > Preferences > SmartScanning, you'll see a banner telling you whether Concierge Receipt Audit is enabled by your Policy Admin.

I don't think my company needs Concierge Receipt Audit, can we disable it?
If you’re the Policy Billing Owner it’s possible that you don’t need this level of Control functionality. If so, you can always switch your plan to Collect via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Plan at any time. Please note, downgrading a policy can affect other features you might be enjoying so be sure to check out our feature breakdown first.

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