Congratulations! You've reached the final chapter of ExpensifyApproved! University. 

In this chapter, you'll learn how to continue managing your clients' expense reports after setting up Expensify.

We'll touch on four critical processes:

  • Approving/rejecting expense reports
  • How reimbursement works
  • Exporting to an accounting package
  • Reconciling company cards 

Approving/rejecting expense reports

Approving and rejecting expenses in Expensify can be done on both the mobile and web app. You can reject entire reports or individual expenses, and also decide how far back to reject a report. For example, you can reject a report back to the manager that approved it instead of the employee that submitted it.

To deep dive into all the functions that make auditing your client expense reports a breeze, click here.

How reimbursement works

Reimbursement functionality is available for free in Expensify so your clients can get paid back for all reimbursable expenses in as little as one business day. You can also reimburse outside of Expensify using traditional bill providers such as, Gusto, and ADP – all free of charge.

  • Review how to add a client’s business account for withdrawal here.
  • Understand the options available for client reimbursement. With Expensify, you can auto-reimburse users once a report has been fully approved or we can keep the process manual. Read more here.

Exporting to an account package

When you connect your client’s policy to an accounting package (such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, or NetSuite), Expensify can auto-export client expense reports after they've been approved. You also have the option to manually export client expense reports.

Tip: When using a direct accounting integration, leave the auto-sync toggle enabled to allow reports to auto-export.

Reconciling company card expenses

We’ve made the process of reconciling clients' company card expenses easy with an in-product dashboard. No need to bog yourself down with hundreds of Excel files! To learn how the reconciliation process works in Expensify, click here.

P.S. Don't forget to send your clients to our ongoing employee training webinars so their employees become Expensify masters!

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