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Who should complete the ExpensifyApproved! University?

ExpensifyApproved! University is specifically for external accountants, CAS team members, and accounting firms that are looking to onboard clients in Expensify. This is a free training and certification program that is available regardless of whether or not you have onboarded clients in Expensify. If you fit this criteria, it's best practice to enroll in ExpensifyApproved! University as a first step!

Completion of ExpensifyApproved! University provides you with a free Expensify account so you won't be billed as a user for onboarding and managing your clients!

The ExpensifyApproved! University Syllabus

This syllabus will take you step-by-step through ExpensifyApproved! University, an in-depth training program for all partners to master Expensify and pass the benefits along to their clients. 

ExpensifyApproved! University contains six sections, each broken into one chapter of reading and one quiz. 

Once you've passed all six quizzes, you'll receive your ExpensifyApproved! badge to let the world know you are an Expensify champion!

Starting ExpensifyApproved! University to get certified

The expected time to complete the university is 45-60 minutes. 

When you're ready, click on Chapter 1 below to begin your first course:

If you have questions about becoming an Approved! partner, please reach out to Expensify's support team at or harness the Expensify Community at

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