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What is a Vacation Delegate?

A vacation delegate lets you assign a delegate to approve reports on your behalf when you go away for vacation or personal leave. After your delegate approves, the report will follow the same workflow it would have, had you approved the report.

How to individually assign a Vacation Delegate from Account Settings:

To set a delegate yourself, you will need to head to the website (this cannot be added by using the mobile app).

  1. Go to Settings > Your Account > Account Details scroll down to Vacation Delegate 
  2. Fill in the appropriate email and click "Set Delegate"

How to assign Vacation Delegate's for users from Domain Control:

A Domain Admin also can set delegates for any employee in the domain: 

  1. Go to Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Domain Members > Cog icon
  2. Fill in the appropriate email and click "Set"

When a vacation delegate approves reports in your place, this will be reflected in your report history and comments as shown:

Next Steps and additional resources:

  • If you require any more than another user to simply approve and reject reports in your absence, you will need to appoint a Copilot. You can learn more about how to do that here. Copilots retain delegated access regardless of whether you are on the beach or not.
  • You will be reminded to turn the vacation delegate feature off after your leave! When you log into your account while a vacation delegate is active, we'll remind you to disable the delegate! Click on the hyperlink in the banner on your account and all reports submitted to you from that point forward will go to you for approval (instead of your vacation delegate). 

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why didn't my Vacation Delegate automatically approve reports awaiting my approval?

Any reports submitted to you before you or your Domain Admin set-up your Vacation Delegate will remain in your Inbox. Vacation Delegates will only receive reports submitted after this is set up, so don't forget to clear out that Inbox before you head out to the airport.

Do Vacation Delegates need to be Policy Admins?

Vacation Delegates do not need to be Policy Admins, but Vacation delegates do need to be part of all the policies you are a part of so they can take care of everything. If your chosen delegate is not part of one of your policies, you'll be warned and given the chance to correct that. If the individual setting the delegate is a Policy Admin on those policies, they'll have the option to click a button to invite the delegate. 

Why can't my Vacation Delegate reimburse reports they Approve?

If your Vacation Delegate also needs to reimburse reports via Expensify on your behalf whilst you're away, they'll also need access to the Reimbursement Account. You can learn how to set that up here.

I'm part of many policies and it might be confusing. Can I set a group of users to be my Vacation Delegates?

At this time you can only set one delegate up to serve as your cover whilst you're away.

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