Should I connect the integration from Expensify or from Zenefits? 

  • It's totally up to you! You'll have the same options available to you when syncing from either product. 

Employees show in Zenefits as "Syncing" instead of "Synced":

  • It sounds like your Zenefits company was connected successfully to Zenefits, but we were not able to sync your employees. We typically see this when a user misses the Save button after selecting their configuration settings. No worries, this is easy to fix:
  • Login to Expensify > click Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections. Scroll down to Zenefits, then click Configure.
  • In the configuration dialog, select your preferred approval workflow, then click Save.
  • If you still don't see users as Synced in Zenefits, try the steps below.

New employees in Zenefits are not being invited to Expensify:

  • Login to Expensify to check the configuration status. You might see the option to Retry the connection between Expensify and Zenefits. For example, if you change your password or admin permissions in Zenefits, we'll ask you to Retry and give you the option to enter your new login credentials. 
  • If there's no Retry button, click Sync Now to import the newest employees and update all users. 
  • If Sync Now doesn't seem to do the trick, we suggest disconnecting and reconnecting the integration. Select Do not connect to Zenefits to disconnect.
  • You will need to be an Admin in both Expensify and Zenefits to reconnect the integration. We will not remove users from Expensify when you disconnect the integration, so nothing to worry about there. 😎 

Will Expensify import Contract or Part-time employees?

  • Nope! We only import full-time employees, who are marked as active, not terminated. 

Employees invited using personal email, instead of work email:

Oops! All employee records in Zenefits must have their work email address. Before connecting to Expensify, be sure to add work email address.

If you synced Zenefits before adding work email address, each user will have been invited to Expensify using their personal email address. In this case, you should 

  1. Add the work email address to each employee recored in Zenefits 
  2. Sync the integration again, and finally 
  3. Users should merge their two Expensify accounts into one Expensify account. 

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