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Account setup and training for employees

Just getting started with Expensify? Check out the following links to learn how to track and submit your expenses: 

  • Read this guide to get started with your first day using Expensify
  • Register for the live Employee Training webinar if you're a visual learner or looking for more of a tutorial approach
  • Check out this library of articles with additional set up information and advanced configurations to help you make the most of Expensify

Note: If your organization is rolling out Expensify for the whole team, then you should have received an email with a validation link to get started. If you haven’t received an email, ask your Expensify admin to invite you before moving forward. (If you’re pioneering Expensify before an admin has decided to roll it out across the whole organization, then don’t worry about it!) 

Account setup and training for policy admins and accountants 

Using Expensify on a Group policy? Check out the following links to get started with the Collect or Control plan: 

  • Read this guide to learn everything you need to know on your first day setting up Expensify
  • Once you've created your policy, join the live Admin Onboarding Webinar for an overview of day-to-day policy management and administration
  • Attend the Company Cards Administration webinar for best practices on reporting, reconciling and managing company cards.
  • Check out the library of articles with advanced configurations to help you make the most of Expensify

Additional support resources 

Still need a hand getting your account or policy up and running? Shoot us an email at, ask a question on the Expensify Community, or take a look at our contact us page for other ways to get in touch. 

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