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What does Domain Control do?

Domains are linked to employees who's email addresses end with that specific domain name. Any Policy Admin from a Control policy will have access to Company Card management and reconciliation from Domains (Collect admins also have access for just the Expensify Card), however, "Domains" holds a host of extra features.

Domains also allows access to features that help you manage user accounts associated with your domain.

In particular, enabling Domain Control will provide the following benefits:

  1. An additional layer of control over who can create an account
  2. Fine-tuned user restrictions through Domain Groups
  3. SAML Management

First of all, policies are at the core of using Expensify. A policy is the set of rules, settings, and spending limits for expense reports for a specific group of users in your organization. 

Domain Control takes a step beyond the policy framework. It helps you create a set of rules and settings that applies to any Expensify user using your company domain as their primary e-mail. Keep in mind that this applies to users who aren't even a member of your policy!

After validating your domain, you'll become a full Domain Admin—essentially a "super" admin, granting the ability to edit Domain Control settings and create, close and reopen new user accounts connected to the domain e-mail address.

How does validating my Domain allow me to manage and restrict users on my e-mail domain?

One of the main benefits of fully validating your domain is the ability to restrict users on your company domain to follow your desired expense management workflow. Furthermore, once your domain is validated, only a Domain Admin can create a new Expensify account using your company e-mail address.

More on managing domain members and adding additional restrictions can be found in the article here.

What features become available after I become a Domain Admin?

In many cases, folks tend to enable validate Domains to gain access to features that are otherwise not available. Specifically, Domains is the gateway to accessing the features listed below:

And with a fully validated domain:

How do I validate my Domain?

A walkthrough for this can be found here!

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