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Along with the direct integrations Expensify supports, there's also an option to integrate with other accounting solutions via a flat-file import.
When you select one of these accounting packages on the Accounting Inbox task, Expensify will automatically create and add a relevant Export Template for you. The template will allow you to quickly and easily transfer report data to your accounting package.

Inbox Task Setup:

1. After selecting the "Collect" Task you'll be taken through a few Policy Setup tasks in the Inbox

2. When you reach the Accounting Software Inbox Task, you can now select Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Oracle, or SAP - along with the direct accounting integrations Expensify offers: (shown below)

3. Select your accounting package from the list

4. You'll receive a confirmation message (shown below) and the respective Export Template will be added to the account

From then on, it will show in the "Export to" option on the Reports Page:

Expenses can be exported to these import templates directly by selecting the checkboxes against either specific reports on the Reports page (shown above) or directly from within the Report itself (shown below):


I can't find my export template. Templates have been automatically placed in accounts starting early March 2017. If you've chosen an indirect accounting integration before that date, simply head to Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections page and select "Connect to" for the template to be placed in the account.

How can I tell which reports have already been exported? The Reports page has a column titled Exported where an icon will show if the report in-line has already been exported:

You can also see the full history of the report from the Report History and Comments section, including whether it has been exported or not, and the name of the accounting integration or template it was exported to:

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