What is the Trips feature?

Any receipt itineraries for flights or for hotel bookings combined with a flight will automatically be classified as trips. This feature provides you with an all-in-one app for your travel expense reporting needs!

When a travel receipt/itinerary is uploaded into Expensify, the trips section of the mobile app will automatically make your trip information available to you after it has completed the SmartScanning process.

If your flight has an unexpected change or delay, we will make sure you know about it! We will notify you of the change as soon as it happens, via your mobile app. 

In order for the receipt to be processed as a trip, it needs to include the total paid for the trip expense, date, and a merchant name. 

How to import a Trip receipt into your account

Most commonly trip receipts are sent by email. To upload an email receipt, simply forward it from your Expensify associated email address to receipts@expensify.com. 

What if it was sent to another email?

If you received your receipt in an email not associated with your Expensify account you can add this email as a Secondary Login to directly forward the receipt into your account.

My receipt is not an email receipt, how do I upload it?

If your trip receipt was not sent to you by email, take a look at our Receipts page to learn more about uploading other types of receipts!

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