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Auto Sync

Auto Sync automatically syncs your Expensify policy to your FinancialForce data each night to keep your account up-to-date. It also will sync reports to FinancialForce, so you do not have to do this manually.

Non-Reimbursable expenses will sync as soon as the report is final approved, while Reimbursable expenses will sync as soon as the report is either enabled for ACH reimbursement or marked as reimbursed. 

What happens if the report can’t be exported to FinancialForce FFA?

There are a number of reasons why your reports may fail to export to FinancialForce FFA. Before, the preferred exporter would receive an email, outlining the issue and any specific error messages. Now, any error messages preventing the export from taking place will also be placed in the Report History and Comments section of the report. 

The report will also be placed in the preferred exporter’s Inbox, where they can fix any issues. Need any help? Check out our FinancialForce FFA Export Errors page and export manually.

Sync Reimbursed Reports

Sync reimbursed reports will recognize if a report is marked as paid in FinancialForce and then mark the corresponding report in Expensify as reimbursed

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