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What are billable expenses?

Billable expenses refer to expenses you or your employees incur that need to be re-billed to a specific client or vendor.

If you need to track expenses for the purpose of billing them to customers, clients or other departments, Expensify can help!

Setting up billable expenses for a company policy

When setting up a group policy, Concierge will ask you in the Inbox if your company re-bills expenses to customers.

  1. If you don't, then select None which will turn this feature off.
  2. If you only re-bill some expenses, select Some which will enable the billable expenses feature and set the default preference on new expenses to Non-Billable.
  3. If you re-bill most or all expenses, select All which will enable the billable expenses feature and set the default preference on new expenses to Billable.

If you want to change your settings after setting up your policy, you can easily do that on the Expenses page within the Policy Settings, which can be found by clicking Settings > Group > Policies and then selecting the name of your policy.

If your policy is connected to Xero, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite or Intacct, you can export billable expenses to be invoiced to customers.  To set this up, go to the Coding tab in the Connection configuration settings and for:

To export a billable expense to an accounting integration, it must be marked as Billable and coded with a Customer/Project/Job tag.

Setting up billable expenses in an individual policy

When setting up your individual (personal) policy, Concierge will not ask you this at the outset, but it can still be enabled from Settings > Policies > Individual > [Policy name] > Expenses under Expense Basics:

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Some of my expenses aren't showing the Billable checkbox, why?

The checkbox for Billable will only show for expenses that were added whilst Billable expenses are enabled within the Policy Expenses setting. If an expense is added whilst Billable Expenses are disabled, the box will not show for users to check.

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