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Running into trouble with exporting reports to Xero, or have more questions that weren't covered in our Xero guide? The most common error messages and their diagnoses are below, as well as a handy FAQ.

Error Messages upon Export:

Error message: "There is either no bank account or an incorrect bank account specified in Xero for the non-reimbursable expenses on this report. Please go to the Connections section of the policy editor to change the configuration of your Xero connection to specify this account, then click the Save button." 

Explanation: This report contains non-reimbursable expenses, however there is either no account or an incorrect account currently chosen in the Xero configuration screen in Expensify.

Solution: Please add a bank account in Xero that you’d like to apply to any non-reimbursable expenses, sync your connection, and then select the bank account from the Xero configuration screen. Save the configuration, and then try Exporting your report again. To go to this section of the policy editor, select Admin > Policies > [Select Policy] > Connections > “Configure” and then select the Export tab.

Error message: "This report contains reimbursable expenses and cannot be re-exported because a payment has already been allocated to it in Xero."

This report has reimbursable expenses and already been exported once, but a payment has been issued (and therefore cannot be modified in Xero). You cannot export again unless you reverse this payment.


  1. In Xero, navigate to this report by going to Accounts > Purchases > select the Paid tab.

2. Click into the transaction select the blue text that says Payment:

3. Click Options and then Remove and Redo to delete the payment.

4. Re-export the report. The new export will override the current report in Xero and retain the same report ID.

Error message: “This report has already been exported once to Xero, but has been voided.”

Explanation: This indicates that the specified report has already been exported to Xero, but has been voided.

Solution: You cannot undo voiding a bill in Xero. Make a copy of the report (from the reports page, click the checkbox beside the report to select it, then choose the "copy" button).

This will create a new report with a different report ID and should allow you to export the report again.

Error message: “We tried exporting your reports, but some have expenses that are not categorized with a Xero account. Please double check the following reports (and categories) before trying again.”

Explanation: The category chosen for one of this report’s expenses not a valid Xero category.


1. Ensure that your connection with Xero has been recently synced to account for any changes that exist in the Chart of Accounts in Xero and possibly have not been synced to Expensify (to prevent out-of-date categories, you should make sure that Auto-Sync is enabled).

2. Re-categorize any of the expenses on the report using the correct category from Xero. We’ll display a red policy violation for any expenses that are using out-of-policy categories.. If the report is existing on the correct policy associated with Xero, any option other than the current one should be in-policy and an acceptable tag.

Error message: You have reached the limit of invoices you can approve with your Xero account. Please upgrade your current account.”

Explanation: You are on a trial account of Xero and have run out of your allowable exports.

Solution: Please upgrade your Xero account in order to continue to use the integration and export reports without error.

Error message: "One or more expense on this report is categorized with a category that no longer exists in Xero. Please check the categories on the report and/or review the Chart of Accounts in Xero."

Explanation: One or more expense is categorized with a category that no longer exists in your Xero account, so we can't export it correctly back to Xero.

Solution: In Xero, navigate to Settings > Chart of Accounts and then confirm that the account number is active. If it is not there, you will need to add it and sync the connection again in Expensify. If it is there, make sure to open it and select “Show in Expense Claims.” Otherwise, it will not sync to Expensify. Again, you will want to sync the connection in Expensify to account for these changes.

Once you have taken this step, re-categorize any of the expenses on the report using the correct category from Xero. We’ll display a red policy violation for any expenses that are using out-of-policy categories.

Error message: "One or more expenses on the specified report has been marked “billable”, which requires a customer to associate with the expense."

Explanation: One or more expenses on the specified report have been marked “billable”, which requires a customer to associate with the expense. Customers must be set up in Xero and pulled over from Xero.

Solution: In your Xero configuration screen, make sure to enable Billable Expenses under the Coding tab:

Customers will then appear on the Expense edit screen to apply any billable expenses to:

Once you have enabled Billable Expenses export, you will need to select a customer for each billable expense. You will then be able to export this report to Xero.


Will my receipts associated with expenses show on a report export to Xero?

Yes, they will display behind the button shown below for non-reimbursable and reimbursable transactions (shown below is a Bank Account transaction):

Will my expense comments export to Xero?

Yes, these will appear in the “description” field in Xero along with the merchant of the expense. The format will follow “Merchant -- Comment”.

How to I use my Xero tracking categories in Expensify?

Good news: We can import your Xero tracking categories as tags (at the line item level), or report fields (at the header level). You can find more details about tracking categories on our Xero page.

My Xero categories aren’t importing/showing up in Expensify, but I know I have synced!

There are a few things to check here to diagnose the issue:

  1. If your categories are showing up correctly in the policy editor in Expensify, then you will need to make sure that they are not disabled. If they are disabled, your employees will not be able to use these categories in Expensify. So, just enable all of the categories that you want your employees to use.

2. Make sure your expense categories have actually been imported from Xero, and have not been manually created in Expensify. In the example below, the category with the Xero icon has been imported from Xero, while the category without the Xero icon has not been imported from Xero, and should be disabled (as using it will prevent a report from exporting).

3. To display a Xero category in Expensify, it will need to be an Expense account, or have “Show in Expense Claims” enabled. Make sure you are selecting "Show in Expense Claims" for all categories from within Xero prior to syncing:

Can I export in different currencies?

Yes, Xero supports multiple currencies. In Expensify, you will define one output currency for each policy. Any report that is placed on that policy will convert all expenses on the report to this default currency, which can be set under Admin > Policies > [Select Policy] > Reports. For more information on how we use currency conversion and exchange rates, visit our Currency help page.

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