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Google Apps SSO

We’ve launched in the Google Apps Marketplace to help businesses who have embraced the cloud. This puts us a click away from IT managers and department heads at hundreds of thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses worldwide. And that’s not a metaphor: we’re one click away (ok, two if you’re being picky) when Expensify is installed in your universal navigation bar.


Before you install the Expensify App, you'll need to make sure you have API access enabled. In the Admin Dashboard, click Security, then API reference, then make sure 'Enable API access' is checked.

Enable the Expensify App

To enable Expensify for your Google Apps domain, follow the steps below to add an “expenses” link to your universal navigation bar. 

1. Sign in to your Google Apps Admin console as an administrator.

2. Click 'Apps' to show your Google Apps.

3. Click 'Marketplace apps' to open the marketplace.

4. Search the Marketplace for 'Expensify', then click 'Install App' next to Expensify's page listing.

5. Click 'Continue' to start installing the app.

6. Make sure the correct domain is selected, then click 'Accept'.

7. Click 'Got it'.

8. Your entire domain can now access Expensify through the apps icon, then click 'More' and click 'Expensify'.

Syncs Users from Google Apps to Expensify

If you are a Google Apps domain administrator and an Expensify policy administrator, you can easily sync your Google Apps users to your Expensify policy. Once you've installed the Google Apps Marketplace Expensify app, just log in to Expensify, open the policy's People page, then click 'Sync Now'. This will import any people who are not already on the policy and invite them to the policy.

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